Rex Mize: The Talent Whisperer

Q: What do you get when you cross a dynamic business acumen with a charismatic rocker? Vision, integrity and mad people skills?

A: The perfect talent manager.

Rex Talent Management will turn your pre-conceived notions of 'handlers’ into old-school souvenirs. Expect that 'something special' with a very, very, VERY creative managing touch.

Channeling her gift for straight talk with supportive, dynamic, creative, and intuitive management solutions, Rex develops on-screen and behind the camera creative talent [actors, directors, producers, composers writer/directors], passionately applying her expertise in the recording world to grooming unique stars in the world of TV, Film, and Commercials. Her extensive background as a music producer has lent for a smooth transition into producing films, commercials, music videos and TV projects.

Rex was a musical artist touring with her band worldwide and her team was coordinating for her to open up for the late pop icon Michael Jackson in Asia, however upon his untimely passing she had to move on with her tour. Rex, whose musical collaborators have included Warren Cuccurullo (Missing Persons, Duran Duran), Justin Meldal-Johnsen (Beck, NIN), Joey Waronker (R.E.M.), and Lyle Workman (Sting), producers and engineers including eight-time Grammy winner Benny Faccone (Sting, Barbara Streisand, Santana); Jason Wormer (Mariah Carey, Alanis Morissette, Red Hot Chili Peppers); Dennis Nieves (Celia Cruz, Enrique Iglesias, Thalia); and Randall Barlow (Gloria Estefan, Jennifer Lopez, Shakira), understands the needs of creative talent. 

Rex's management experience began roughly ten years ago with her own band; "I was always the one that organized the details." This expanded organically to include diverse, talented artists. "For years, I have had actors and musicians asking me to manage them, while I was still performing. I'm now ready to dedicate my time fully to this endeavor."

Don’t let the manly name fool you. Rex is 100% woman. Unpretentious, smart, caring and oh so dynamic, she’s been rocking it for 15 years in the music biz; performing, producing and writing.

Aside from her 'guy's name' and music biz background, what sets Rex apart?

"I listen. I don't dictate. This is about the talent's vision of where they want to go, my ego is not involved. I have seen too many managers bully clients; pushing them down a path that's not right for them. That's not me. I care about what the client wants and together we figure out how to get there."

And, like a true artist, she digs the process, not just the result. Rex loves to transform clients. "I'm all about the 'before and after." Rex understands the stress associated with performance and creativity, and wants to lift the burden of self-presentation from her aspiring artists." You can't sell yourself effectively, that is what a manager should do for you."

Working with uber-agent Richard Kraft at Blue Focus Management which represented A-list and Oscar-winning composers as: John Debney, Rachel Portman, Burt Bacharach, Maurice Jarre, Anne Dudley, Nicola Piovani, Michel Legrand, Luis Bacalov and Marvin Hamlisch, Danny Elfman, and Philip Glass, this gave Rex an insider's perspective on how careers are built and maintained. " I saw how much goes into building an artist from working at Blue Focus. There is no substitute for hands-on attention when it comes to creating a successful career, " Rex explains. "And that is why I am only taking on a few really talented clients so that I can really be effective."

Blasé agents and smug suits prepare for a seismic shift; it’s open season on mediocrity.  She cut her teeth in the love-hate, no prisoners, jagged-edged, bare-knuckle universe of music and now she is in the house to kick ass with a smile for her clients.

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